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“These are the people who treat me like the family I never had, I think of them as my brothers and sisters.”
Frank Saylor, Resident
Biimaadiiziiwiin, Ogema, Minn.

“People here are so good.”
George Fagert, Resident
Chapel Hill Community, Canal Fulton, Ohio

“They earned the community’s trust and respect by being willing to adapt and change with the needs of the area’s older adults.”
Bernie Seiler, son of Parkvue resident Dorothy Seiler

Parkvue Community, Sandusky, Ohio

“When people come to live here, they don’t stop being who they are — their journeys continue.”
Ann Gibson, Director of Activities

Fairhaven Community, Upper Sandusky, Ohio

“… those who work with the residents day in and day out care deeply about what they do. They really are like family.”
Laura Farrell, Administrator

Trinity Community, Beavercreek, Ohio

“The philosophy here is that if you do right by residents, everything else is going to fall into place.”
Stacie Ward, Administrator

Patriot Ridge Community, Fairborn, Ohio

“We believe in the mission and vision of United Church Homes and trust them to give us excellent care.”
John Rainey, Resident

Parkvue Community, Sandusky, Ohio

“The most important things are your relationship with God, your health and your family."
John Clark, Volunteer and Fast Track Rehab Graduate

Four Winds Community, Jackson, Ohio

“I am blessed and thankful for the thousands of individuals and families who make donations to Fairhaven, which makes it possible for me and so many others to live here.”
Clark Smith, Resident

Fairhaven Community, Upper Sandusky, Ohio

“ ... we don’t close doors to people based on who they are or where they are on life’s journey.”
Sandra Hutchinson, Chaplain

Chapel Hill Community, Canal Fulton, Ohio

“If anybody has a dream, I always tell them: Just go out and do it.”
Lew Gottfried, Resident

Fairhaven Community, Upper Sandusky, Ohio

“The memories and lasting friendships made are priceless.”
Larry Bayman, Resident

Trinity Community, Beavercreek, Ohio

“If I can help make a resident’s day a little brighter, that’s what it’s all about.”
Robert Lee, Volunteer

Fairhaven Community, Upper Sandusky, Ohio

“It was the thrill of a lifetime. I never experienced anything like it, and I was so surprised I just sat and cried.”
Betty Greer, Resident

Trinity Community, Beavercreek, Ohio

“We have a lot of dedicated employees who believe in the mission of what we do.”
Cheryl Wickersham, Vice President for Housing Services
United Church Homes, Marion, Ohio

“… United Church Homes is well-positioned to not only survive these current economic challenges, but also to grow stronger because of them.”
Ken Daniel, CEO

United Church Homes, Marion, Ohio

“I have been in a lot of hospitals, and been cared for by quite a few people. I have never had as good of care from any caregivers or therapists as I have here at Fast Track Rehab. Everyone here cares for my healing and the progress I make."
John Rostash, Rehab Graduate

Fairhaven Community, Upper Sandusky, Ohio

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Notes from the CEO

Rev. Kenneth Daniel,
President and CEO,
United Church Homes


Our centennial has helped us explore some documents and photos from the earliest years of our history. I have been reflecting on the spirit of the early decades of the 20th century and what was happening in our churches and society that gave birth to what is today United Church Homes.

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Community. Wholeness. Peace.

In honor of our new Vision-Mission-Core Values statements, United Church Homes has added a new video to our YouTube channel. We're inspired. We think you will be, too.

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