Summer 2016

On The Cover

Our dynamic colorful cover photo captures the stained glass window in the newly renovated Fairhaven Chapel.

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Inside the Issue:

Board Presidents Corner

Since 1916, reflecting the faith tradition of the United Church of Christ, United Church Homes’ volunteer Board of Directors sets policy, oversees operations, and plans for the continuation of distinguished service to seniors. Varied backgrounds, interests, and expertise are reflected in the board membership, and the chairman of the board…

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Affordable Housing: Mission Centered

In association with the Retirement Housing Foundation (RHF) of California, UCH acquired the Firelands Retirement Centers in Lorain and Oberlin, Ohio. RHF exited the Firelands communities in 2002 and later the community in Oberlin was sold (2003) as was the community in Lorain (2009.) Through the efforts of United Church…

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United Church Homes: A Century of Transformation

United Church Homes is a byproduct of the law of cumulative effect — that is, what we do today is, by definition, added to the sum of what’s happened in the past. We are a ministry of promise, people, places, and programming. Ours is a story of growth and expansion,…

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Messages and Memories

From 1945-1954, he served on the Board of Trustees, six years as board president. After nine years as superintendent of the Home for the Aged, he transitioned to executive director in 1963. When Rev. Diller retired in 1976, he was recognized in perpetuity as executive director emeritus. Rev. Diller took…

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35+ Years of Service

UCH Central Office Thomas Lee 37 years of service Chapel Hill Community Brenda Withrow 36 years of service Linda Sweet 36 years of service Patricia Tallman 39 years of service Lela Diane Gajovski 40 years of service Fairhaven Community Diana Swankhouse 37 years of service Sonya Jarrell 38 years of…

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Celebrating 100 years

Chuck Hehr Born: 8/11/1916 Fairhaven Community Edith Jones Born: 3/2/1917 Fairhaven Community Evalyn Harper Born: 12/4/1916 Fairhaven Community Kathryn Gottfried Born: 9/10/1915 Fairhaven Community Pauline Pence Born: 7/11/1913 Fairhaven Community Gertrude Erwin Born: 2/26/1912 Friendship Village of Columbus Bertha Koenig Born: 10/18/1911 Friendship Village of Columbus Annie Robinson Born: 11/6/1915…

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Mission Possible

As we piece together the reasons why the German Reformed Churches began this journey, we have to consider their common faith, language, heritage, and experience of aging at the beginning of the 20th century. It was the common mission with the church that made the idea possible. Common Faith. From…

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