United Church Homes Manager Named to Local Chamber of Commerce

Rosie Hughey, a housing manager at Glendale Commons and Fox Hollow Community, was recently named to the Covington-Tipton County Chamber of Commerce in Tennessee. Hughey has been working for United Church Homes for more than 25 years. She is very dedicated to her work and UCH as a whole. Hughey is proud to represent her community through this prestigious opportunity.

With 39 residents at Fox Hollow and 44 residents at Glendale Commons, Hughey has a lot of responsibilities. As the housing manager of both communities in Tennessee, she works hard to maintain full capacity. Thanks to her dedication, Fox Hollow Community has been nationally recognized as a Community of Quality by the Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association. This distinguished award was presented to Fox Hollow because of the excellent services provided to residents.

At first, Hughey thought she was too busy to be part of the chamber of commerce but later decided to join because she sees it as a great opportunity to promote UCH and her communities. She will bring awareness to the greater community about why Fox Hollow and Glendale Commons are so vital for older adults in the area. Hughey also plans to use this opportunity to further promote the mission of UCH. Hughey passionately stated, “I live our mission and core values on a daily basis.” She has even taken every possible opportunity to volunteer during her time with UCH, now expanding that volunteerism to the chamber.

As a member of the chamber of commerce, Hughey also plans to enhance the small town of Covington. She hopes to maintain the unique beauty, attract more industry and ultimately bring more people. When more people move into the town of Covington, eventually some will move into Fox Hollow and Glendale Commons.

Cheryl Wickersham, vice president of Housing Services at United Church Homes, has known Hughey for years. “I’d like to congratulate Rosie on being elected to the Covington-Tipton County Chamber of Commerce Board,” she said. “We are happy to share her talents with the chamber and know that she will perform her responsibilities with the same enthusiasm and commitment she has given to Fox Hollow Community and Glendale Commons for the past 25 years.”

Overall, Hughey knows it’s an incredible opportunity to be part of the chamber of commerce. She was shocked when they invited her to join and feels very special as a result. She has big plans for this journey and knows the residents in her communities will be proud of her. Hughey hopes to bring in donations for UCH to support its mission toward abundant aging. United Church Homes is proud to have such a hard-working, dedicated employee.