Educational Opportunities

Education is key to Transformation

Education is key to transformative processes for individuals and organizations.  Education is also essential to the building of culture, within our organization, and in the larger society through our interaction with the organizations with whom we are in partnership.  To this end, the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging provides an array of educational opportunities for employees, students and congregations as United Church Homes lives out it’s mission:

The mission of United Church Homes is
to transform Aging
by building a culture of community, wholeness and peace. 

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship for an internship or other educational opportunity, please refer to the tab for the Rev. Ralph and Sue Quellhorst for Leadership Development for the qualifications and application form.

If you are a staff member who is proposing an internship position to work in your department or community and are requesting funding for this position, please refer to the form to submit your proposal for this position to be a part of the Quellhorst Scholars Program.

In the tabs that follow, there is additional information about the Clinical Pastoral Education program which is located at Trinity community, other service and internship possibilities for high school students as well as contact information for those seeking to engage in research opportunities.

Through the 70 communities that make up United Church Homes, we seek to provide individuals with the opportunity to engage with residents and staff in order to promote their education and help to clarify an individual’s professional calling.  We want to ignite the careers of individuals who are interested in working in the broad spectrum of professions that support older adults.  From our central office in Marion, Ohio to our communities where we provide direct care, let us know where your interest lies and we will strive to connect you to new possibilities.