Caring for the Glenwood Gardens Feels Like Home to Bob Oliver

If you visit Glenwood Community during the spring, summer or fall months, you may very well be invited by a resident to view the community gardens. They are quite proud of them.

Bob Oliver, who was born and raised on a farm, is the resident caretaker of the gardens. At 84, he feels most at home among green and growing things. “It keeps me active, and I love it,” Bob said.

A large, fenced-in garden plot in the back of the community is divided up into 30 small, raised gardens. Every spring, a community meeting is held for residents who wish to participate in the gardening program. Residents are assigned a plot and can plant whatever they wish, including vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Residents manage all of the planting, watering, weeding and cultivating of the garden. There is a shed with tools for everyone’s use and even a greenhouse, where some residents work with plants year-round.

Bob says that right now, the gardens are mostly finished for the year, but he’ll be out there cutting things back and cleaning them up to prepare for the spring planting season. He says a few residents have planted winter vegetables and bulbs in preparation for spring.

Bob says he enjoys helping other residents with their garden plots and is more than happy to do any of the gardening work that folks can’t manage themselves. His reward? “I just like to see things grow — flowers, tomatoes, beans — all of it,” said Bob.

He says it’s always rewarding when the Glenwood gardens produce enough flowers so that every table in the dining room and other public areas can have fresh flowers the residents have grown themselves.

Thanks to Bob and the residents of Glenwood Community for continuing to make the world a more beautiful place, one garden at a time!

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