Where Senior Living Becomes Abundant Life.

Find the Service That Meets Your Needs


A new service to help older adults live their best lives at home.

Independent Living

Enjoy worry-free, maintenance-free retirement in a charming cottage home or spacious apartment on a beautifully landscaped campus.

Assisted Living

Find the right blend of independence and assistance in studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom suites with 24-hour personal care.

Memory Care

Innovative memory care programs help residents living with Alzheimer's disease or dementia experience joy in life.

Fast Track Rehab

Get back to doing what you love faster with personalized, inpatient rehabilitative care.

Skilled Nursing

Give your loved ones the higher level of skilled nursing they need and the dignity they deserve with person-directed care that respects the choices of every individual.

Affordable Housing

Older adults shouldn't have to choose between buying groceries and paying the rent. UCH provides comfortable, secure housing for seniors in need.

UCH Cares

Live an abundant life on your terms with our home-based support and personal care services.

Service Coordination

Live your best independent life supported by services that meet your unique needs.


UCH celebrates its residents, supporters and staff through each edition of the Spirit magazine.

What is Abundant Life?

From the moment you enter a United Church Homes Life Plan, healthcare or affordable housing community, you will experience a warm and welcoming environment where you’ll be treated like a new neighbor and valued friend. You’ll notice a compassionate and contagious spirit that is grounded in our faith-inspired roots with the United Church of Christ. But most of all, you will experience a place where people are living abundantly.

UCH brings abundant life to friendships and the bonds residents form with one another. Here a women enjoying time with a kid.

For some people that means finding purpose in each day, making new social connections and embracing positivity. For others, it’s about maintaining choice and control over their lives. It could mean contributing to the greater good. In a United Church Homes community, abundant living is all of that and more. Experience our unique community spirit and start your next chapter here!

Abundant Aging
To learn more about how United Church Homes is transforming aging, visit the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging blog.

Abundant Aging Podcast

The Abundant Aging Podcast offers ideas, information and inspiration on how to improve our lives as we grow older.

Join us as we explore something we all have in common – aging. We explore what gets better as you age, not what declines.  We look at the richness of life as we grow older– perspective, knowledge, resilience and what it means age abundantly.

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