Staff feature: Tara Rosenlieb, Assisted Living Activities Coordinator at Glenwood

Ten years ago, Tara Rosenlieb came to Glenwood Community to fill in for six months while the prior activities director was on a temporary leave of absence. The position and community were such a good fit for Tara, she says, that she never left!

Tara’s favorite thing about working at Glenwood is being able to plan daily activities for residents and bring joy and fun to this chapter of their lives. Although she misses being able to plan trips and outings right now, she has faith that Glenwood will return to normal soon, once there is a vaccine for COVID-19.

Tara’s positive spirit and faith help keep her grounded and also help her keep residents’ morale up during these difficult times. “Although COVID has made this the most challenging year of all the ten years I’ve been at Glenwood, we will get through this together. We grow stronger by pulling together, leaning on one another and relying on God during tough times,” said Tara.

She says that some good things have come from this challenging year. “More one on one time with residents have created even closer bonds and relationships. We are truly family now. Glenwood is their home and we come into that home every day to work with the residents,” said Tara.

She shared one favorite moment from this past summer: “During the shutdown when no visitors were allowed at the community, we helped arrange a big car parade for the residents, who lined up outside the community, six feet apart, to wave and cheer. The parade was led by two Marietta police cars, staff on bicycles and more than 100 carloads of friends and family members who had decorated their cars with balloons and streamers. It was a true parade and so much fun for all involved –especially the residents!”

Tara says that although things don’t feel like “normal Glenwood” right now, before we know it there will be trips, outings and group activities again.“In the meantime, we have this beautiful campus, our beloved residents and devoted staff. We are all on the same page, working toward a common goal: to make life as great as we can for our residents every day. We’ll get through this together!” she shared.

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