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UCH Engage provides exceptional service coordination program development, management and quality assurance for senior affordable housing that can take your resident services to a higher level. We currently provide program administration and quality assurance to Service Coordinators working in 15 states. We can partner with you to develop a program that provides positive outcomes for your residents, meets regulatory guidelines and maintains its funding by delivering excellent management and quality assurance support.

UCH Engage believes the work of Service Coordinators is integral to providing unparalleled housing with services. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience creating service coordination training programs, policies and procedures, tools and resources all while advocating lawmakers in Washington, D.C. for continued funding of these vital services.

Our team of licensed professionals have served as Service Coordinators in housing communities and as administrators of home and community-based service programs for older adults.

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“I love that the quality assurance feedback I receive is not just an email, but a one on one conversation where we discuss my strengths and areas of opportunity. It’s so nice to have a management team that talks about the areas where I excel. They truly care about me as an individual. I know that I can pick up the phone whether I’m having an issue or just want to share an accomplishment and they’re going to be there to listen, guide me and rejoice with me in our successes.”

Jennifer Adams, Service Coordinator, Bremen, Indiana

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<b>Our Services</b><b>Service Coordination</b><b>Quality Assurance</b>

  • Service coordination program management
    • Hire and supervise Service Coordinators
    • Provide orientation, training, and ongoing performance management
    • Provide program reports to management, owners, and boards of directors

Quality Assurance – for Service Coordinators, by Service Coordinators

Program funding applications to HUD

Grant writing and grant management

Regulation and compliance support

Community Needs Assessments and Supportive Services Plans

UCH Engage partners with housing owners and management companies to build a comprehensive service coordination program that includes creating funding applications and requests, and hiring, orienting, and training an exceptional Service Coordinator for your community.

We are experts in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) compliance and reporting, grant management and day-to-day operations and supervision of service coordination programs.

If you are interested in starting a service coordination program, or would like additional support with your current program, call us today!

The UCH Engage team has been instrumental in creating some of the most innovative quality assurance programs in the senior housing industry. When you partner with UCH Engage, you benefit from their collective expertise and a quality assurance approach that gets results! 

We understand what your day is like as a Service Coordinator. We know the challenges you face and we understand the roles and working relationships of property management and service coordination. We’re here to help.

Our quality assurance specialists have worked as Service Coordinators in the field. We can demonstrate firsthand how quality assurance can enhance the skills and effectiveness of a Service Coordinator.

  • We focus on coaching, training, and providing solutions for Service Coordinators.
  • Your service coordination program will not end up with a numerical rating or a score card. Instead, we provide individualized communication and supportive solutions.
  • We use AASC online software to ensure all required programming, training and reports comply with HUD guidelines.
  • We host virtual “Community Hour” networking opportunities with other Service Coordinators.
  • We collect and share best practices among Service Coordinators and celebrate their work and achievements. 
  • We encourage attendance at the AASC Annual Conference and obtaining the Professional Service Coordinator Certification (PSC).

Terry Allton-Spitznagel, BSSW, LSW, MHA,
Senior VP, Chief Growth Officer

Terry has over 20 years’ experience in service coordination program development. She has served as the Chair of the American Association of Service Coordinators, and a Board member for multiple years. Her work for service coordination was recognized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2019. Terry has testified multiple times to the U.S. Congress in support of service coordination advocacy efforts.


Dan Fagan, MPA LSW
Director of UCH Engage

Dan has over 15 years’ experience in the design and administration of service coordination and housing with services programs in affordable and mixed-income housing communities for older adults. He has extensive grant writing and grant management experience and has secured funding for hundreds of service coordination positions. He has worked with developers, housing owners and managers and housing authorities across the United States. In addition, he has experience in management and operations of home and community services (personal care and homemaking, skilled home care, hospice, adult day services, nonemergency medical transportation and primary care medical services).


Kim Yoder, MSW
UCH Engage Program Manager

Kim has been a Service Coordinator in the field for nearly 10 years. During that time, she won her employer’s Property Manager’s Choice Award, as well as Regional Team Player, Active Adopter, Creative Programming, and Program Growth awards for her community partnerships. In addition, Kim has received numerous awards for quality assurance performance excellence including the Outstanding Mentor Award from the American Association of Service Coordinators. She has been instrumental in developing the UCH Engage quality assurance program, and manages Service Coordinators in 15 states.


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Team Affiliations and Awards


  • American Association of Service Coordinators (AASC) Board Member and Chair
  • LeadingAge Award for Service Coordination
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Award for Health Equity
  • AASC Award of Excellence – Outstanding Mentor
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“The UCH Engage quality assurance program has made me more accurate in my work and built my confidence and professionalism. I am a better service coordinator today because of Dan Fagan and Kim Yoder’s support and guidance.”

Barbara Rose, Service Coordinator, North Lewisburg, Ohio

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