Abundant Life

United Church Homes recently completed a more than $7 million, multiyear restoration project to enhance Fairhaven. The makeover included new resident rooms, a new memory support neighborhood, a new therapy center, a facelift for the auditorium, a renovated chapel and a renewal of the outside courtyard.

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United Church Homes began a century ago in Toledo, Ohio, as a faith-based ministry responding to the real needs of aging members of local congregations. Today, in covenant with the United Church of Christ, United Church Homes serves more than 4,600 residents in 72 communities in 14 states and two Native American nations. Of these, 59 are subsidized affordable housing settings serving more than 2,700 individuals.

United Church Homes upholds its long-standing promise to provide for residents who outlive their resources. It is committed to eliminating prejudice based on a person’s age. It has adopted a policy of inclusion where all are welcome, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, ethnicity or religious background.

As United Church Homes launches its second century, we make a new promise for the years to come — to transform what it means to age by making older adulthood a time of abundance, personal achievement, meaning and importance. This is a promise for the future of aging that we all imagine.

“Why this, why us, why now? Because we know we can do so much more. When we harness the talent in the organization, the dedication of our volunteers and the generosity of our benefactors, we can take our care of people to the next level.

“Why is it urgent? We see the need. We have the vision. Our donors can make this happen. This is a pivotal crossroads moment.”

Rev. Kenneth Daniel,


Imagine a world where life in retirement is filled with meaning, purpose and joy. Our society’s older adults are energized and look forward with hope, anticipating a bright future. They feel secure in their ability to meet the inevitable changes and challenges that lie ahead. They face each new day with a sense of abundance.

Imagine a world where friendships, learning, exploration, creativity, personal and spiritual growth have no age or income limits. Fears of a loss of meaning, isolation, physical and cognitive decline and dependence are quieted by the prospect of living in community, wholeness and peace.

This is the world that United Church Homes envisions. This is the world we all want for our parents and ourselves.

“This is truly important work we are called to do. It takes resources to truly transform aging and provide abundant life. When we look at the socioeconomic need, it will be tremendous.”

James Henry,
Chairman, Campaign for Abundant Life

Vision for the Future

We at United Church Homes have set our sights on 2027 to develop a 21st century continuum of residential settings that support independence and abundant life for individuals at all income levels.

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  • Charitable care for individuals who have exhausted their financial resources
  • Pastoral care programs with full-time chaplains on each retirement campus
  • Model programs of leadership training and staff development
  • Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging to share resources and innovations with the broader community
  • Affordable housing and healthcare services that are inclusive

Affordable Housing Settings with Support Services

  • Capital upgrades that preserve independence, provide access to community resources and respond to urgent needs
  • Programs and services that enhance quality of life, leading to an abundant life of community, wholeness and peace for affordable housing residents
  • Sustainable programs that serve Native American nations

Renewed Campuses

  • More independent living options
  • Supportive services that preserve independence
  • Technology-driven products and services

Transformed Healthcare Communities

  • Appealing accommodations; more private rooms
  • Short-term therapies coordinated with acute care
  • Memory support and behavioral care

At United Church Homes, we are passionate about our vision for the future. Over the next five years, we will raise $20 million to transform the lives of people in our residential and healthcare communities, affordable housing settings and in the community-at-large.

The Campaign For Abundant Life BookletTo learn more about the Campaign for Abundant Life at United Church Homes, contact Gloria Hurwitz, CFRE, vice president of advancement and communications, at ghurwitz@uchinc.org or 740.751.8702.