Brian’s Song: Strength Through Exercising

Brian's Song

For Brian Gregg, recreational therapist, exercise is a passion. He’s spent 16 years at Trinity Community in Beavercreek, Ohio, developing a wellness program that is so popular it’s truly bursting at the seams. Ask anyone at Trinity. Everyone’s abuzz about exercising with Brian.

On any given morning, you might step into Trinity’s expansive lobby and find Brian leading a class of 40 or more people in morning stretches and exercises. While his classes are large, his approach is personal and personable. He’s fully engaged with each participant. He knows each of them by name, and can tell you everyone’s interests, hobbies, backgrounds, careers and exercise profiles, all from memory.

Brian rattles off the types of equipment available at Trinity—five new exercise bicycles, resistance and weight equipment, treadmills and more. The wellness center has gained such popularity that Brian can barely keep up. He is grateful to the many volunteers that help him in the wellness center, bringing residents and patients in and out, or just keeping an eye on things. His energy level is high and he darts from patient to patient, making sure proper techniques are utilized, answering questions, staying positive, exuding encouragement. The residents see such great results: higher energy, better mobility, quicker reflexes and improved mental capacity.

He remembers Verda Dietz, a resident who was 100 years young.

brian-helping“She exercised in the wellness center every day. She had great mobility, spryness, and her mind was keen and sharp,” Brian says. “I’m not boasting, but I’m a pretty positive person. I want to give the residents my best, because they give their best to me. I love my work and helping people to become their best selves.”

Brian is quick to volunteer that it’s the residents who inspire him. He’s focused on bringing smiles to their faces. He can empathize with them as well. As someone who survived a serious accident and then re-learned how to walk and talk again, Brian credits his positive outlook, survival and persistence to the grace of God. Brian is convinced that it is the mercy and unfailing belief that has kept him motivated, looking to see how he can make things better.

So what’s next?
He has aspirations to get a massage therapy license to add to his skill set. Making residents feel their best is essential to Brian. He hopes to see Trinity expand in the future to allow for more programs.