Chapel Hill Community Resident Delores Voltz


Dolores Voltz, Chapel Hill resident

Delores is a resident of United Church Homes’ Chapel Hill Community in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Her connections to the community go back to her early adulthood in 1963, when her family helped prepare the earth for what would become Chapel Hill.

Delores’ father, Leonard Hegnauer, a minister, helped lay part of the foundation. He served as the building chairman. Delores’ brother, Bob Hegnauer, served as administrator of Chapel Hill, leading the community through its early years. Her sister, Naomi, lived there about 10 years ago.

Chapel Hill Marketing Director Jerry Martin recalled, “We were looking at the Memory Wall, and Delores pointed to a photo of herself and her husband, Don, helping to clear the land where Chapel Hill would be built.”

Delores’ daughter, Jan Boylan, and her three siblings have fond memories of family gatherings, including Thanksgiving dinners, held at Chapel Hill’s community spaces.

Delores was a member of Lowell United Church of Christ, one of Chapel Hill’s founding churches. Once per year, church members would visit Chapel Hill for spring cleaning day, when they made improvements to Chapel Hill’s outdoor spaces.

In 1984, Delores and her husband moved to Florida. After his death in June 1992, Delores moved back to the Canal Fulton area to be closer to family. Later, when she began to need support, she decided to move to Chapel Hill.

“As soon as I walked in, everyone was so friendly,” Delores said. “It was so natural to live here.”

Jan said there was no other place for her mother.

“This is just where she wanted to be,” Jan said. “It’s got a pretty setting. I don’t know of anywhere prettier.”

Seeing Delores surrounded by friends and participating in activities here, it’s obvious she’s returned home.