Come for the natural setting – stay for the fine dining

Glenwood Community is known for beautiful, natural surroundings including 70 acres of woods and ponds that resemble a state park or nature preserve.

Residents at Glenwood will tell you that in addition to the scenic views, they love the people who make this community so special. And, there’s one person in particular the residents are especially fond of: Chef Tyson Whistler.

Chef Tyson, as he is known, has been a beloved member of Glenwood Community for seven years. In addition to providing restaurant-style fine dining at mealtime, Tyson is also an award-winning ice sculptor. He takes culinary services to a new level with his creative ice designs and presentations.

Chef Tyson says that leaving the restaurant industry to join Glenwood Community was the best decision of his life.

“Here, we have an opportunity to not only provide fine dining but to cater to a special group of diners,” Tyson said. “We have a fresh menu at Glenwood every week, so I always have the ability to create something new and different. I think the benefit of cooking for Glenwood Community over a restaurant is we have the opportunity to give back more to the residents and develop relationships with them.”

Though  COVID-19 has impacted the group dining experience, Chef Tyson and his team have worked hard to  prepare wonderful meals for residents to enjoy in their homes as well as in the Fountain View dining room.

If you are interested in experiencing the scenic views, friendly faces and incredible food at Glenwood Community, call 740-376-0535 or contact us today.