A Message to Staff About Coronavirus

Our Deepest Appreciation

We all realize that our work in healthcare requires 24/7 caregiving, come what may, in the world outside our communities.

reverend kenneth daniel president and CEO
Rev. Kenneth Daniel, President and CEO

On behalf of the United Church Homes Board of Directors and the families and friends of those you’re serving, I want to express deep appreciation to our entire staff across the country during this extremely challenging time of responding to the threat COVID-19 poses for older adults.

While we are just at the beginning of all this, I realize that you all are making every effort to support our residents and keep them safe and healthy.

At the same time, I am sure you are concerned about your families too. Many of you are juggling childcare arrangements and other personal concerns while you are needed at work.

Please remember that we are deeply grateful for the personal sacrifices you and your loved ones are making to help get us through these difficult days.

We say we “celebrate the Spirit” at United Church Homes. And it is in times as these that I see that Spirit alive and active more than ever in the way you all give from the heart every hour of every day, often under stressful conditions.

We will get through this, with God’s help, and with the awesome team spirit so evident in all our communities.

United Church Homes staff appreciation