Human Resources Continues to Serve Employees with New Leadership

Timothy P. HackettThe rich history of our ministry has always been about serving people. At United Church Homes, this includes one of our most valuable assets — our staff. The value of our staff in our communities and our central office is what makes UCH a leader in senior living. Innovation, technology, and growth help us to look forward to our next century of service, but UCH will always remain committed to serving people.

To help us with this initiative, UCH recently welcomed Scott Slutz as the new vice president of human resources. He follows Tim Hackett, who served UCH as vice president of staff relations for 30 years before retiring March 30. Scott has over 20 years of human resource management experience, with specialization in systems implementation, analytics, and employee engagement. Scott joined UCH in August 2014 after 15 years at Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services (OPRS) in Columbus.

One area of focus for Scott is to ensure we have a capable, engaged workforce to carry forward the legacy of UCH. Scott believes attracting and selecting mission-driven individuals whose values align with those of the organization is paramount. After the right people are in place, the focus shifts to offering development and growth opportunities.

Scott Slutz

“It is important to create a culture of talent development throughout the organization, producing strong leaders today and growing the leaders of tomorrow,” Scott said.

Scott’s initiatives include implementing innovative healthcare technology and systems. As opportunities for technology and advanced systems in healthcare expand, UCH is committed to investing in key areas to support growth while continuing to meet the needs of residents and staff.

“It is our staff that makes an impact on our residents and truly brings the mission to life. It is a privilege to serve our staff members. The better we support and care for our staff, the better they are able to care for our residents,” said Scott.

Scott shares this sentiment with his predecessor, Tim Hackett. Tim truly shepherded the staff with compassion and care. When his retirement was announced at the February Leadership Conference, tears were flowing as staff members and colleagues shared personal stories of his work over the years at United Church Homes.

“I’ve never worked with someone who had a greater commitment to staff than Tim. He exemplified the concepts of servant leadership and integrity. I intend to carry on that tradition and build upon the foundation Tim created,” Scott said.

UCH extends well wishes to Tim in his retirement and Scott in his new position. The commitment to the staff who care for all of the individuals we serve is vital to the mission and vision of our organization.