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Strategically Build the Strength of the Organization: Ila Basler

Ila Basler was introduced to Chapel Hill Community by her friend, the late Rev. Glenn Royer. She was so impressed, that in 1999 she bequeathed most of her property to Chapel Hill, a $610,000 gift that led to the Basler Community Center at Kroft Commons. This community center is where her friends and other independent living residents at Kroft Commons gather for meals and fellowship. It’s a beautiful place, which strategically builds the strength of mission at Chapel Hill Community.

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Today and for Years to Come: Orletha and Dale Hartschuh

Orletha and Dale Hartschuh supported Fairhaven Community’s needs today and for years to come when they made their legacy gift of nearly $665,000 in 2005. This generous endowment bequest is the gift that will keep on giving. Income from the endowment has been used toward important renovations and capital improvements at Fairhaven. Home is brighter and more beautiful now, and will continue to be in the future, for older adults at Fairhaven as a result of their generosity.

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Family and Faith: Robert and Betty Walker

Family and faith always played a part in the lives of Robert and Betty Walker. Their faith in the United Church of Christ and the experience of the care and comforting community they personally received at Parkvue led to a legacy gift to Parkvue Community in 2014. Their impactful bequest of $923,000 to Parkvue will benefit residents and families for years to come. This generous gift and faith in the services at Parkvue Community make them a permanent part of United Church Homes’ history.

Matters of Importance: Virginia Sultzbach

Sheep farming, The Ohio State University, Cadillacs, and lilac bushes. These topics were matters of importance to Trinity resident Virginia Sultzbach. Her husband had been a sheep farmer in Springfield, Ohio. OSU was his alma mater, red and silver Cadillacs were Virginia’s favorite car to drive in his memory, and she lovingly took care of the lilac bushes at Trinity. When she learned of the need for an additional healthcare wing, it too became a matter of importance. In 1993, Virginia generously donated $1 million to support the Roy R. & Virginia Hyde Sultzbach Health Center at Trinity Community.

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Building a Community: Bill and Wanda Kroft

Bill and Wanda Kroft had a vision for a community of independent homes for retirees living in Canal Fulton, Ohio. They were interested in contributing to help make their vision a reality at Chapel Hill. Beginning with their sponsorship of a market feasibility study in 1998 with their gift of $500,000, over the years they have generously donated more than $1.89 million to help make their dream a reality. Kroft Commons, named in their honor, is a highlight of Chapel Hill Community with nearly 48 condominiums serving approximately 60 residents. Bill and Wanda enjoy their retirement while living independently at Chapel Hill.

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The Ultimate Gift: Ruth Stonebrook

Ruth Stonebrook’s support of Chapel Hill Community was long-standing and significant. Interviewed in 1996 regarding the trust she established, Ruth said, “Chapel Hill is a special place where you can see how your gift is being used. I chose to set up my trust with Chapel Hill because it’s a wise investment.” Ruth’s trust in Chapel Hill led to a $4.58 million legacy gift in 2013. Her gift will amplify the impact of the services offered at Chapel Hill by providing much needed funding for capital expansion that will position the organization for continuity of services in Canal Fulton for the future.

“I remember Bob Diller was fond of saying, ‘People believe in our mission, and emotionally, when their value system aligns with the loving care we provide, they will leave a lasting legacy with their favorite home. People give primarily because of a desire to make a difference.’”

Jim Minehart,
Former Vice President of Gift Planning,
6/12/1980 – 11/6/2003

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Change the World: Ruth Parker

Ruth Parker truly was a woman on a mission. Mrs. Parker often referred to Parkvue Community in Sandusky, Ohio, as her “baby,” her favorite place meriting her devotion. From her first inclination to help build a retirement community in her hometown, until her passing in 2015, she was instrumental as Parkvue evolved and grew its ministry. With over $7.5 million in donations over her lifetime, her sustained attention to the needs of Parkvue never ceased. After her passing in 2015, Ruth Parker’s final gift, a $1.27 million bequest, was intentionally planned as an endowment fund to support her last project at Parkvue in perpetuity — the new aquatic therapy lap pool that opened in 2016 for the benefit of residents and community members.


Keeper of the Faith

Keeper of the Faith

Donor Spotlight: Lou Dickman Generous with her time and energy, the late Lou Dickman was known as the “helper of the community.” Grounded in faith, compassion and love for her family and friends, this former resident of Parkvue Community in Sandusky, Ohio, provided holy communion to friends, old and new…