Spirit Goose Symbolizes Teamwork

Goose Chart

A long-standing tradition at United Church Homes is the annual Employee Giving Campaign, one element of the advancement department’s efforts to raise funds in support of our mission. The emphasis of the campaign is on voluntary participation, as a way to celebrate the spirit and encourage a little friendly competition among our peers. For years, many employees have seen this as one way to be engaged in projects that directly affect resident life on their campuses. To add some variety to the 2014 campaign, the advancement department introduced a “Spirit Goose,” a traveling trophy (of sorts) to be awarded to the community which posts the highest percentage of employees giving.

goose“Spirit Goose is a fitting metaphor for our Employee Giving Campaign because it’s a symbol that each of us is called to lead, yet no one of us must carry the entire burden,” said Gloria Hurwitz, vice president of advancement. “Geese flying in the classic ‘V’ pattern are known to conserve energy, communicate better and work together as a team—all objectives that enable the flock to move forward more efficiently and effectively.” Congratulations to the staff of Four Winds Community in Jackson, Ohio—winners of the 2014 Spirit Goose for having 83% of its staff participate in the 2014 Employee Giving Campaign.