Stewardship with Purpose

Shannon Graver and Velora Justice, Parkvue Community

The late Ruth Frost Parker, UCH’s most generous donor, was a staunch believer in using resources wisely. A long-time supporter of UCH, Mrs. Parker saw the need for a scholarship fund to give staff members the opportunity to further their education in fields related to healthcare. That’s the principle reason why she set up the Frost Parker Nurse/Healthcare Scholarship Fund.

Christina Carley, Chapel Hill CommunityMore than $25,000 has been invested this year from the fund Mrs. Parker established. This enabled 12 UCH staff members, or their direct dependents, to further pursue their studies. This amount is the largest investment that has ever been made from this fund, exceeding scholarship awards that were made in the past.

With the burden of student debt weighing heavily on her mind, Christina Carley, an employee at Chapel Hill Community in Canal Fulton, Ohio, was not sure she would have the resources available to continue her education. A junior at Kent State University who’s studying healthcare administration, Christina was determined to find a solution.

She applied for a Frost Parker scholarship and was ecstatic when she learned she would get the additional help she needed to continue. Knowing that others were willing to invest in her future gave Christina the confidence she needs to succeed.

“Not only can we create abundant life with relationships between staff and residents, but we create community between staff members by believing in them,” said Christina. “It was so encouraging, personally, to be awarded this scholarship.”

Joan Kincade Joan Kincade is a registered nurse at Fairhaven Community in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. She applied for several scholarships before learning she was a recipient of the Frost Parker scholarship.

Concerns about mounting debt is often what prevents individuals from being able to complete their education. Joan discovered that those who enroll in a post-graduate program are not eligible for financial aid. She would not let that factor stop her, but scholarships would be essential to completing her degree without incurring additional student loans.

Furthering her education is essential to Joan. As a single parent, she sometimes works two or three part-time jobs to make ends meet. She attends school online to better manage her schedule. As a nurse, she enjoys teaching others her profession and is looking forward to a career as a nurse educator.

“Returning to school has taught me to be a better nurse and opened my eyes to the idea that teaching is about more than standing in front of a classroom,” said Joan. “I feel better prepared for my future at Fairhaven.”

“No price can be put on the benefit to the staff members of UCH and the investment we make in their futures,” said Tim Hackett, vice president of staff relations. “Having a scholarship fund available is another way that allows us to show staff that we believe in their abilities.”

United Church Homes always wants to put people first, including our staff members. Without the help of visionaries like Ruth Frost Parker and other generous donors, we wouldn’t be able to make the kind of commitment it takes to make a difference to others — today, tomorrow and into the future.

Applicant Employee Location Degree/Program
Velora Justice Employee Parkvue LPN to RN
Shannon Graver Employee Parkvue Healthcare Administration
Kimberly Blanton Employee Trinity Community at Fairborn (formerly Patriot Ridge) LPN to RN
Kaitlyn Wells Employee Trinity Community at Fairborn (formerly Patriot Ridge) Dietitian
Joan Kincade Employee Fairhaven MSN/Nurse Educator
Lucas Dies Dependent Chapel Hill Psychology
Christina Carley Employee Chapel Hill Healthcare Administration
Reagan Beekman Employee Central Office Business Management/HR
Julian Pelfrey Dependent Fairhaven Doctorate of Chiropractic
Elizabeth Freelan Employee Trinity Community at Fairborn (formerly Patriot Ridge) Radiology Technician
Casey Dukes Employee Trinity Community at Fairborn (formerly Patriot Ridge) RN
Abigail Young Dependent Central Office Optometry/Pre-Health Science