UCH Releases Updated Logos in Brand Refresh

United Church Homes continues its journey to expand its mission and ministry of providing abundant life to older adults. Since 2019, the organization has welcomed 11 communities and nearly 1,000 units to the United Church Homes family and introduced innovative services that support seniors in our communities and beyond our front doors.

The logo and corporate brand are foundational symbols that communicate the strength and integrity of our mission as a leading and trusted senior living and aging services provider, with more than 100 years’ experience.

To increase awareness and further its ministry in a more concise way, UCH has introduced updated community logos across the organization to reflect a bolder, stronger organization as we have grown and strengthened to the United Church Homes of today.

The goal of the brand refresh is to ensure that residents, families and partners recognize United Church Homes and associate our brand with quality services that improve the lives of older adults across America.

Previous logo
Current logo

The refreshed corporate logo retains the design and colors of the Spirit circle, but the United Church Homes name now appears in bold typeface. The Celebrating the Spirit tagline changed from a green, narrow typeface to a bold black font.

Current Logo
Previous Logo

The updated community logos better reflect their relationship as United Church Homes communities, with the corporate name prominent at the top and the community’s name underneath.

Current logo
Previous logo

The service line logos including UCH Management, UCH Cares, UCH Engage and UCH NaviGuide have been updated with a distinct, visually-appealing design that reflects their relationship to the United Church Homes family of brands, and better positions those entities for strategic growth.

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Daniel, President and Chief Executive Officer said he is looking forward to the positive impact this will bring to United Church Homes.

“I look forward to how the brand refresh will strengthen awareness of United Church Homes as we continue to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.”