United Church Homes’ CPE program receives accreditation as a Member Center

Often required of individuals in their process of discernment into ministry or for those pastors who wish to pursue further professional development, CPE is an interfaith graduate-level professional training process. CPE provided in the setting of a retirement community gives the students the benefits of working in a clinical setting, while also forming relationships with the residents in independent and assisted living similar to members in local congregations. The students have the opportunity to learn about spirituality in the context of aging, and to experience ministry with those who live with memory loss, short, and long-term illness all while learning the skills necessary for chaplaincy and pastoral work including preparation for worship for a diverse congregation.

Pastor Karen Griswald participated in the extended CPE class in 2015. She reflects on her experience: “While at Trinity Community of Beavercreek, I was introduced to a unique learning environment. This opened my eyes to situations that occur as we move through the passages of life as those passages effect the community that surrounds a person — family, friends, caregiver, even pastor. Human dignity, sacredness of life, and how humanity is interconnected came into clear vision; awakening something alive inside of me. My CPE experience gave me a new perspective, a new understanding of just how fragile, yet how courageous and strong the human spirit can be. God reached out to me through this experience, and I am incredibly grateful.”

Applications are being accepted and admission interviews are being held now for Trinity Community ACPE Center’s CPE 2016-2017 Extended Unit. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply promptly to support enrollment consideration.