Women Find Love, Friendship, Family at Parkvue

As an infant, Georgianna was placed in two foster homes. She moved to a county children’s home before returning to her parents’ home, where she says she was verbally and physically abused by her mother.

“It was horrible. My mother didn’t want me at all,” Georgianna, 79, said.

The mother of three said her adult life was going well until about six months ago, when she required rehabilitative care. While she was recuperating at Parkvue, Georgianna’s children felt that Parkvue provided a safer environment than returning to her mobile home. Her family wanted her to live in a place where they knew she would not be alone and could receive the care she needed.

Georgianna now shares a room with 98-year-old Frances Landin, who has lived at Parkvue for 18 months. The women have become close friends and Frances’ children treat Georgianna as if she’s part of their family.

“I treat them the same. They are like two moms,” Frances’ son, Ron Landin, said.

Parkvue leaders intentionally placed Georgianna in a room with Frances, a friendly and talkative woman who is a former administrator at Lutheran Memorial Home in Sandusky.

Frances was married to her husband, Owen, almost 50 years before he died in 1992 of colon cancer.

Frances decided to live at Parkvue after she and her children agreed she no longer could care for herself.

Frances lived alone in her room at Parkvue until Georgianna’s arrival and the decision to put the two in the same room has been beneficial for both women, Parkvue Community Chaplain Rev. Cathy Lawrence said.

Georgianna helps Frances, who has difficulty hearing and uses a wheelchair, and Frances has given Georgianna friendship and hospitality, and helped her settle into the community.

“To be able to get a roommate like Georgianna was a blessing to Frances and to be able to get a roommate like Frances was a blessing to Georgianna,” Cathy said.

Frances said her family is thrilled she has Georgianna as a roommate and a friend.

“She is so easy to love. I’d be lonely if it weren’t for her,” Frances said.

Georgianna said the friendship and attention she gets from Frances and her family makes her feel loved.

“With just about everything they do, they include me. They’ve been more family to me than my own has,” Georgianna said.

Ron said he visits almost daily and tries to make his mother and Georgianna happy.

“I laugh with them. Play games. Anything that breaks the monotony,” Ron said. “Georgianna is such a nice lady. We’re extremely fortunate to have her as my mom’s roommate. We want to make sure she feels appreciated.”