Uncover the True Cost Savings of Independent Living

Uncover the Cost Savings for Independent LivingWe understand the complexities surrounding the decision to age in place or move into independent senior living. Realistically, cost can be a driving factor in this decision. Costs can also present differently in different situations. Let’s look at costs and benefits that go beyond the monthly fee.

Mortgage-Free Doesn’t Mean Free

Your house may be paid off, but costs may continue. Depending on the age of the house, regular maintenance and upkeep might mean anything from weekly lawn care to a new roof. Repairs or renovations are never out of the question as a homeowner. As your needs change, modifications to your house may also become necessary. Consider all these expenses on top of taxes, insurance, utilities, entertainment, and even groceries, your budget needs add up quickly. Understanding the “true” costs of homeownership is never more important than in the discovery phase of your independent living search. Be sure to consider these factors when comparing amenities.

Putting the Independence in Independent Living

It’s a misconception to think that aging-in-place means more independence. Isolation can sometimes occur in the in-home setting. Navigating a large home that is not accommodating can be difficult and can take most of a day. You can end up spending your day planning and completing essential tasks instead of enjoying the company of neighbors and friends or exploring your passions. In the independent living setting, the cottages and apartments are designed with you in mind, providing accessibility, connection and community all in one setting.

When you’re dealing with challenges such as climbing stairs, navigating the bathroom, or handling your cooking, your safety can feel at risk. These feelings of uncertainty can cause more physical dependence on others to aid you and feelings of isolation which may influence your sense of purpose and overall wellbeing.

The Executive Director at The Trinity Community at Miami Township, echoes these sentiments.

“Time and again, I hear from residents that their quality of life has improved since moving to The Trinity Community at Miami Township. They have less to worry about and pursue interests and activities that they might not have otherwise had access to if they had stayed in their home. Most importantly, they have friends here! They look after one another — it’s like family.”

Peace of Mind When You Are Safe and Sound

What’s the value of peace of mind? How can you put a dollar amount on safety? Knowing a friend is living next door or there is help down the hall allows you and your loved ones to sleep easily. Peace of mind also means knowing that safety measures are in place. “In most settings, residents have a personal pendant they wear. In an emergency, they press the button, and a staff member is alerted and responds within minutes. “The response time is much quicker than if they had been in their own home.”

“Once a loved one has settled into The Trinity Community at Miami Township, family members often realize their loved one is so engaged in events at the community that they need to work around their loved one’s social calendar for a change,” she shared.

In a well-planned independent living community like those at United Church Homes, your social calendar can be as busy or as restful as you desire. Visits with friends and family can now be a time of deep connection and companionship rather than managing errands and multiple to-do lists.

Uncover the Cost Savings for Independent LivingWhen deciding when and where your next chapter begins, consider the obvious expenses, but dig a little deeper. You may find the hidden costs and benefits – both financial and emotional – make independent living the right choice right now. Visit here for more details about the unparalleled services, amenities, programs and events our communities offer.