A Note from the Resident Council President

Resident Council President

I put a lot of thought when I decided to run for Resident Council president. The position has great importance. Being able to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves is a huge responsibility, and one that can’t be taken lightly. Having been a resident at Fairhaven for nearly five years has given me insight into what the residents view as important issues and concerns. Being able to interact with residents and staff to address these issues and concerns for a positive resolution is always my ideal. My life at Fairhaven has been a very good one. Living at Fairhaven in many ways is like being with family. The staff is wonderful, helpful, thoughtful and respectful. Most of the staff knows you by name and easily can address residents’ needs. If someone can’t, they will find someone who can. Fairhaven promotes a caring home environment that is restful and relaxing, and yet professional and efficient. Fairhaven sees the needs of the residents and family. The focus is on the whole person.