Fairhaven and Trinity Evangelical Share Meaningful Worship Service

Trinity Evangelical

In early April, a very special service was put together by Rev. Becky Jones from Fairhaven Community and Rev. Jim Stauffer from Trinity Evangelical.

The love from this time of fellowship was palpable. Sharing a message of hope and faith, Fairhaven is proud to partner with Trinity Evangelical to celebrate the spirit by loving one another and supporting the community.

“The two greatest commandments are to love God, and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. As we worshipped, and two smaller communities came together in fellowship as one, it was clear the commandment was being observed. God’s presence was surely in our midst,” said Fairhaven chaplain Rev. Becky Jones.

Fairhaven Community would like to thank everyone who came for service. A special think you to Trinity Evangelical UMC Choir; Fairhaven’s Bell Choir; Amy Kotterman and Robby Lee for helping to facilitate this event with Rev. Jim Stauffer and providing updates on the new construction at Fairhaven; and Becky Blocksom and Dr. Mike Webb for their performance of special music. The staff and residents really enjoyed this.