Better Together

Safety in numbers is a truism in many aspects of life. Partnerships and affiliations have become more frequent strategies among nonprofits. This is true for United Church Homes (UCH) in recent years. In fact, we identified several key partnerships that are shaping our ministries today and likely well into the future.

First, we partner with many key donors and friends to advance our impact in new ways. We enlisted a group of 10 Founding Funders whose generous donations helped establish the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging, our platform for education, advocacy, and community engagement led by Rev. Beth Long-Higgins. A Parkvue Community resident recently provided a $5M estate gift designated to endowment to create a legacy that will support various new initiatives on the campus. Last year, a longtime friend of UCH gave a $17M gift that created the new Fund for Growth targeting several key acquisitions and expansion projects. These initiatives will help UCH diversify its mission and foster long-term sustainability for the next generation.

We also developed a key partnership with Ohio’s Hospice, Inc. This nonprofit is now providing hospice services under a joint venture agreement to residents on our Dayton and Marietta campuses. Eventually services will extend across our entire network of communities. This relationship is important because it enables us to accelerate new programs in an area we value such as hospice and end of life care. Our partner brings the expertise and delivery system, a win-win for both parties.

Finally, we are collaborating with several major senior housing developers. These relationships allow us to expand into new markets and tap the expertise and resources of seasoned, reputable builders. They provide the design and construction of new communities. UCH gains the opportunity to fast track our development timelines and expand our management and service coordination functions within the new properties. We can provide our signature resident-inspired lifestyle and caring staff. Again, another win-win.

We discovered that we are better together with these and other important affiliations and partnerships. Not only is there strength in numbers, but there is also strength in combined energy, shared ideas and exposure to innovative approaches to enhance the lives of the people we serve. Indeed we are better together with each of you, our faithful donors. We trust our stories, inspired by your generosity, will continue to encourage you to partner with us as we build strong ministries with your support.

With gratitude,
Rev. Dr. Kenneth Daniel
President and Chief Executive Officer

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