Fairhaven Community Volunteers

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday you’ll find Janet McDaniel delivering mail at Fairhaven Community.

luann20pics20July20201220029But it’s not her job—it’s her passion. As a community volunteer for more than 15 years, Janet enjoys helping others.

“I love working with the residents,” she says. “They’re always so gracious and appreciative; it’s very rewarding.”

In addition to delivering the mail, Janet also works in the gift shop and helps the residents in other ways when she has the time.

“When I retired, I needed something to do. I had volunteered a little bit for Fairhaven in the past and found it to be a really caring place. I decided to volunteer more often. I always said if I ever needed a retirement community, this is where I want to live. The people are wonderful,” she says.

Volunteers such as Janet help make Fairhaven special. By offering your talents or time, you can be a part of a rewarding ministry. Come once a day, once a week or once a month. Work in the office, in the kitchen or in the activities center. Contact us today to find the volunteer opportunity that’s right for you.