Foundation Awards $4,000 to Parkvue Community for University Circle Interactive

SANDUSKY, Ohio [Nov. 20, 2019] – Parkvue Community, a United Church Homes community, has received a $4,000 grant from the Michelle Wightman-Karrie Wieber Charitable Foundation to support an interactive learning program that connects residents with educational opportunities.

The grant funds will support University Circle Interactive, a Cleveland-based older adult program that provides accessible and innovative learning programming. University Circle is the cultural district in Cleveland, home to world-renowned museums, prestigious universities, nationally recognized hospitals, restaurants and parks. The University Circle Interactive learning program, called University Circle Interactive Cleveland, provides an outlet for lifelong learning. Only 13 retirement communities and community senior centers in Ohio have access to it.

University Circle Interactive offers unique experiences using videoconferencing technology combined with the world-class resources of University Circle institutions. Videoconferencing enables Parkvue residents to “travel the world” using interactive technology in real time from their retirement community.

University Circle Interactive is not a typical lecture class. Instead, it invites conversations between educators and students. Activities Director Amy DiFilippo said University Circle Interactive brings experts into Parkvue, where they share their expertise and years of experience with older-adult participants. Organizers encourage the audience to ask questions throughout the program, which typically is an hour long.

Although the programming is specialized for Parkvue residents, the public is also invited to attend as space allows.

Learning is a lifelong journey, says DiFilippo, and University Circle Interactive Cleveland Learning creates a convenient forum for Sandusky’s older adults to explore new interests and adventures. Obstacles to lifelong learning may include paying high course fees and finding transportation to and from a university campus. With University Circle Interactive, the classes come to older-adult participants at no cost to them.

To check seating availability for upcoming classes, contact Amy at 419.621.1900 or