Introducing Our New Chalice Partner Program


United Church Homes is launching a new initiative to solidify its engagement with specific community churches and congregation members.

The Chalice Partner Program facilitates the organization’s long tradition of building relationships and support among congregations, individuals and UCH communities. The program not only promotes financial support of the mission of UCH, but strongly encourages direct engagement and volunteer participation in this ministry.

“United Church Homes is an outreach of congregations going back nearly 100 years,” explains Rev. Kenneth Daniel, president and CEO. “We want to renew these historic ties that have supported our mission and helped transform the lives of so many.”

In addition, UCH offers access to resources and support for the individual and congregational
partners across a broad spectrum. ‘CHALICE’ is an acronym for these areas:



What are the ways we are called to show compassion following
in Christ’s example?



What are the most recent advances to support active, healthy living?



How can we navigate the psychological and physical processes of change
throughout our lives?



How can we continue to stimulate our intellectual and mental abilities?



What are the ways God is still speaking through our lives?



How do we engage with the relationships that give our lives meaning and purpose—in our communities of faith, with our families, neighbors, and other community resources?



What are the ethical standards by which we make decisions?

Rev. Beth Long-Higgins, director of church and community relations for United Church Homes, is spear-heading the Chalice Partner Program. The inaugural event is planned to take place in Dayton in May.

“Through the Chalice Partner Program, we hope to provide ways in which grace may be made known in our lives,” said Rev. Long-Higgins. “The chalice, the cup of blessing, is a powerful symbol of the giving and receiving of grace. Together, we can strengthen the communities in which we live and work and worship—by sharing the resources that we already have.”

Congregations and/or individuals who are interested in learning more about the Chalice Partner Program may contact Rev. Beth Long-Higgins at, or by calling 740.361.3354.