Parkvue Staffer Recognized for Award at Annual OCHA Convention

Shannon Bloomingkemper

Shannon Bloomingkemper, Director of Resident Services, was nominated for the Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) Heroes of Long Term Care by resident, Audrey Shaffer, last year. Shannon won the award in May of 2013 and was recognized for this award at the annual OHCA convention in April 2014.

OHCA has a panel of members who review application and select one award recipient each month in Ohio, whom they feel deserves and represents the spirit of caring and providing excellent services for residents and senior customers/clients. The recipients are recognized once per year during the annual OHCA convention in front of the entire convention attendees. The OHCA convention was held in Columbus at the Columbus Convention Center. The awards banquet is part of the 4 day convention. Thank you Shannon for all your dedication! Parkvue is excited to see you succeeding!