Resident’s Life Comes Full Circle at Parkvue Community

Since moving to Parkvue Community early in 2019, Jennifer’s story has come full circle. Jennifer had always loved Parkvue. After retiring from General Motors, she became a certified activities assistant at Parkvue.

Jennifer’s father, John Henry Norris, worked at Aluminum Magnesium as a stock clerk for owner John Frost, the father of the late Ruth Frost Parker. Ruth is United Church Homes’ most generous benefactor who worked with UCH to establish the community on Ohio’s north coast.

Norris had a two-hour commute to Aluminum Magnesium in Sandusky from his residence in New London. After he was involved in a serious automobile accident, Norris approached Frost and said he must leave.

However, Frost had other ideas. He asked Norris if he would consider moving to the vacant beach house on Lake Erie on the property of Aluminum Magnesium. It was the first of two times that Frost made sure Norris had a home for his family. It allowed Norris to walk to work every day. In that same area, Ruth later funded the construction of condominiums.

When Norris needed a bigger house, Frost helped with the down payment.

“Dad was Mr. Frost’s favorite,” Jennifer said. “(John Frost) was a very generous man.”

Over the years, Ruth, the only daughter of John and Zella (Lawrence) Frost, became a well-known philanthropist in the Sandusky community. She spent her last years at Parkvue during the time that Jennifer worked in activities from 2000 – 2007.

When Ruth broke her hip while living at Parkvue, Jennifer asked if they could sit together and reminisce. They quickly rekindled their friendship.

At 62, Jennifer retired after working over 50 years. “Now, I’m here in Ruth’s home. I’m very happy because I’m very safe. It’s a good feeling.”

Tearing up, Jennifer said so many of her friends and family had passed away that she was struggling with depression before moving to Parkvue. She yearned to have the closeness of family, and Parkvue was the perfect place to find it.

“My mother was 58, and my dad was 62 when they passed,” Jennifer said. “I’ve lived over 40 years without my parents. I was a single mom, and I have a great relationship with my daughters and grandchildren. My spirits have been lifted by living here.”

Norris and Frost had a strong bond, forming a friendship over many years. Ruth helped make Parkvue a beautiful place to live, and now Jennifer says she has been fortunate to give to Parkvue to help make it a comfortable place for all residents.

Jennifer recently helped enhance the third-floor balcony at Parkvue Place, donating wicker furniture for all to enjoy. She also donated an outdoor, Amish wooden swing so residents can look at the lovely pond.

“I’m busy every day. Every day I do something is another day I’ve alive,” Jennifer said. “Life has been very good. It was indeed an honor to be able to add to Ruth’s dream. Strong friendships last forever!”