A fantastic Rehab experience at Pilgrim Manor – even during COVID-19

When Irma “Jean” Kenyon chose Pilgrim Manor for her short-term rehabilitation needs, she had no idea she would also be there for the start of a global health pandemic.

Fast Track Rehab at Pilgrim Manor is designed to get individuals back on their feet and doing what they love, and that was certainly the case for Jean. She enjoyed terrific care and comfort during her time at Pilgrim Manor – even once the COVID-19 restrictions started.

What Jean didn’t expect were all the friendships that she made with both residents and staff. Even now that she is back at home, Jean still calls Pilgrim Manor regularly to talk to her friends, stay engaged and see how everyone is doing!

“When the pandemic started, it was a scary thing. I was here before it started, so I went through the beginning of it at Pilgrim Manor. We all had to adjust. The staff were so wonderful – they tried to give us rules that would be best for us. Six feet apart, masks – and we all helped each other be comfortable and work together and be each other’s family,” said Jean.

Jean is especially thankful for Megan, Alicia and the aides whom she said were “so helpful and lifted our spirits.” It sounds like Jean also lifted quite a few spirits during her time at Pilgrim Manor.

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