Remembering Zola Graves, longtime and beloved resident of Pilgrim Manor

Zola GravesZola Graves, a resident beloved by both fellow residents and the staff at Pilgrim Manor, passed from this life on November 9. Zola called Pilgrim Manor her home for 21 years.

A few weeks before her passing, Zola shared her story with Katie Wood, Resident Activities assistant at Pilgrim Manor. Zola shared that her Pilgrim Manor story began many years ago when she was helping her mother find an assisted living community. Although her mother never ended up moving in due to a health condition, they both liked Pilgrim Manor a lot. Zola’s mother said to her, “Why don’t you move in?” Zola says the community has always had a special place in her heart – and the feeling is mutual.

“Zola has touched my heart, and so many other staff and residents, throughout her time here. She always has a smile and is one of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet. It has truly been a pleasure getting to know her,” said Katie.

If you asked Zola her favorite thing about the community, she would have answered, “The people who work and live here and all their kindness. I feel like Pilgrim Manor is such a true community. We are all a family. Residents do a lot of things together and stay very active.”

Zola was not just a long-time resident of Pilgrim Manor – she also served as its board member for many years. She was understandably proud of her service to the Pilgrim Manor community.

“I was appointed by the chairman of Pilgrim Manor and he approached me and asked me if I would like to serve on the board. They only ask one resident at a time, so I decided that would be a great way to blend in and make a difference. As the wheel turns, I served on the board for 9 years and each year we had to be re-appointed by the director. That was really something. It was an honor,” Zola shared.

Her favorite part of board service was talking to other residents and asking them what activities they would want to see at the community. She enjoyed helping to bring those activities to life and encouraging others to join in. Zola was also an active member of the Pilgrim Manor choir and an avid gardener at the community.

For more information about the life and passing of our dear friend, Zola Graves, please read her obituary.

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