Tina’s Giving Heart

Tina's Giving Heart

Tina was fully aware her financial resources were depleted, and her spirit and hopes were exhausted, when she began working in Dining Services at Fairhaven Community.

“I was so thankful to find this job, and to finally be hired because I needed it to survive,” she said.

While adjusting to her new job, she was also facing another monumental challenge—Tina was homeless and living out of her car. Still she kept moving forward. Her humble and generous heart quickly endeared Tina to her co-workers, who welcomed her with open arms. Just as they all faithfully served residents and their families on a daily basis, her Fairhaven teammates also supported Tina. One summed up their support aptly, “It’s not just a job, because giving back becomes part of who we are.”

Giving back was something that Tina took very seriously. That year, during the Employee Giving Campaign, even though Tina was enduring an inconceivably tough time, something incredible happened … she unselfishly made a personal donation to Fairhaven through the campaign. She chose to participate.

Today, Tina’s life is more stable and she continues to give faithfully and is wholly committed to Fairhaven’s ministry of care. Tina says, “I give from my heart. It’s not hard to do when you care about people, and giving back is something that I genuinely want to do. It’s who I am.”

Caring Spirit—that’s Tina’s story. Her spirit is a genuine example of service, hope and faith.