Tatum Hill: Big Impact, Young Girl


Tatum Hill posing with some friends

Dear Trinity,

For my birthday I asked the people I invited to bring money instead of gifts to donate to your home. I hope this brings happiness to all the residents. My brother Cannon did his eagle scout project here and he really enjoyed talking to all of the residents.

Tatum Hill

Twelve-year-old Tatum Hill decided this would be a different kind of birthday. Following in the footsteps of big brother Cannon, who recently completed an Eagle Scout project at Trinity, Tatum wanted to do something to raise money for the residents at Trinity. She asked guests coming to her birthday party to bring money rather than gifts, so that she might donate funds to the residents at the Beavercreek community. Trinity and the residents there might have met their youngest donor, and appreciate Tatum’s thoughtfulness and gracious gift.