Author Chuck Wolfe

At the thriving senior living community known as Trinity Community at Miami Township, you may meet many fascinating and active seniors enjoying their retirement years.

Among them is Chuck Wolfe, an author, former Air Force serviceman and retired government employee, and father to two successful and musically gifted sons.

Chuck is humble and not one to brag, but with a little encouragement, he is happy to share about his life and how he became a writer.

His first book, Reflections, was a collection of poems and stories inspired by his beloved wife, Naomi. He published it after her passing as a way of honoring the woman who was both his creative muse and editor.

Several years later, Chuck wrote Never Too Late, a collection of short stories he wrote to inspire other seniors to explore their talents and find their passion.

Chuck says he’s working on his third book, but admits that it may take a while because it’s a personal memoir. There’s a lot of life to fit in one book!

Chuck’s top tip for aspiring writers is to write things down when they come to mind. He says his books have evolved from both hand-written notes and typed pages. He also strives to “make people feel what you’re feeling” with his writing.

In addition to writing, Chuck’s favorite pastime is reading to – and being read to by – second grade students at a nearby elementary school. He’s even read excerpts from his books to the children. However, since COVID-19 hit, the program had to be put on hold and he misses the kids very much.

Chuck said that on his last birthday, when he turned 89, the kids and teachers threw him a surprise party in the gym and sang happy birthday to him. He says it was his best birthday ever.

Here’s hoping Chuck can get back to reading to the kids soon – we’re sure they miss him as much as he misses them!

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