Spouses Are Staff Members at Trinity Community at Miami Township

Working in senior living is a great way to have a job with a meaningful purpose. Sharing that common purpose with your spouse? That’s even better. Working together at Trinity at Miami Township has certainly been a terrific fit for spouses Paula Tatar and Donnie Goodrich.

Paula joined Trinity first in the third shift front desk/security role, but over her nine-year career with the community, she has also served in housekeeping. She is now back to the overnight front desk/security role due to her health.

Paula says what she loves most about working at Trinity at Miami Township is the people, from the residents to her coworkers and the management. “It’s like a family here,” Paula said. “Trinity is not like anyplace else.” Paula’s compassion and commitment to Trinity residents earned her a United Church Homes LUV (Living UCH Values) Award in 2019.

A short while after Paula joined the community, her husband, Donnie, started as a dishwasher, worked his way up to cook and, now, after 9 years, works in maintenance. He echoed Paula’s warm comments about working at Trinity Community at Miami Township. “I just love the people here. The community has a terrific culture where everyone gets along and has fun with each other, from residents to staff.”

Because Donnie and Paula work different shifts, they no longer work side by side at Trinity, but one of them is almost always on duty at the community. When asked what it was like working closely with Paula, Donnie chuckled. “If you work with your spouse and it’s going well, you know you’re doing something right!”

For more information about the residents, staff and abundant life at Trinity Community at Miami Township, call 937.435.5269 or contact us today.