Staff profile: Charlie Thompson’s servant leadership provides hope and support during pandemic

Charlie Thompson, the executive director at Trinity Community at Miami Township, doesn’t like to talk about himself. He would much rather tell you about his amazing residents, compassionate staff and all the wonderful families who make his job so meaningful and special.

Charlie’s mission and personal passion is to have a positive impact on others, whether they be residents, employees or families. He is very much a people-focused leader, placing high value on helping others and getting to know residents, staff and families.

Charlie joined Trinity Community two years ago and has worked in senior living for a total of 14 years. He says there’s never been a more challenging year than this one. But Charlie can also see the silver lining of this pandemic: “It has given us an appreciation of the little things, and not taking things for granted. This has been a year of reflection and growing to appreciate all the people in our lives even more than we thought possible.”

Charlie said that working even more closely with his staff, and one-on-one with residents and their families, has strengthened bonds and friendships. He is proud that Trinity at Miami went 9 months without a COVID case because of the commitment and partnership of residents, staff and families. “As an Independent Living community, we are not under the same restrictions as Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities –so everyone worked together to keep the virus out. I am so proud of our team.”

As a leader, Charlie is big on culture and a team approach, empowering every member of his staff as valued leaders. He says good ideas can come from anywhere, especially in a pandemic where the entire staff has shared creative and innovative ideas on how to continue to serve residents and bring them joy.“

For example, our formal dining room had to transition to a professional food delivery service overnight. Many great ideas on how to do this came from our staff, including the servers. They knew how to help and serve our residents best,” said Charlie proudly.

Charlie is also thankful for Trinity’s purchase by United Church Homes one year ago. He says that he continues to be impressed by the support and commitment from United Church Homes, including the immediate investment in all new outdoor furniture for the residents to enjoy with each other and their families.

If you’d like more information about the residents, staff and abundant life at Trinity Community at Miami Township, call 937-435-5269 or contact us today.