Trinity Community at Miami Township Offers Residents Personal and Purposeful Community Life

A community like no other, United Church Homes, The Trinity Community at Miami Township offers independent living in a safe and supportive environment. You can feel a sense of passion and purpose amongst the residents and staff as soon as you set foot on the gorgeous campus near Dayton, Ohio.

The community’s personalized approach to serving each resident starts at the beginning of their day. Every morning, independent living residents receive an “Up and About” phone call to see if they have a need staff can help with. “We understand there is a balance between independence and overprotectiveness, and we work hard to keep that balance intact,” said Executive Director, Susan Susskind.

Susan Susskind
Susan Susskind

As part of UCH’s Live It! hospitality standards, The Trinity Community at Miami Township provides a person-directed approach, meaning choice, freedom and flexibility are the focus of service. You can see that spirit throughout the community, where many programs and events are resident-created and resident-run. There’s even a dining committee where residents provide input on upcoming menus. “There’s a ‘tell us what you want’ versus ‘here’s what you are getting’ practice at our community that keeps the focus on independence and freedom. Neighbors care for one another deeply and, in many ways, lead the community,” said Susskind.

The way residents experience their next chapter is at the heart of what makes The Trinity Community at Miami Township so special. “We appreciate that residents can connect here, explore their interests and celebrate new relationships. We have a resident who is 105 years old who stills puts on his military uniform for special events, which brings a smile to our faces. We have a self-proclaimed librarian who manages the library with a profound sense of purpose for our community. We also have a couple who connected here and are now married,” Susskind explained.

Uniquely 30 percent of residents in the community are military veterans or spouses of veterans, referred to as UCH Heroes. “We hold monthly events for these heroes, celebrating them with certificates, informational sessions on benefits, a hand-painted mural and more. There’s even talk about organizing an Honor Flight for our UCH Heroes in the future,” commented Susskind.

“From the deeply caring and cohesive team to the freedom and independence of our residents, The Trinity Community at Miami Township is like no other independent community I’ve experienced,” Susskind shared. “The abundance of resident-driven choices from programs and events, to dining experiences and meals, makes this chapter of life so full of purpose and enjoyment. It’s no wonder more people are choosing to move to independent living at The Trinity Community at Miami Township sooner rather than later.”