Trinity Community’s Diamond Dot Divas

Diamond Dot DivasWhen COVID began, Trinity Community program manager Stella Goodyk was challenged to come up with fun activities for the residents that could be done from a safe distance. She discovered diamond dot painting projects after seeing one of the community receptionists doing it. She bought a few starter kits and decided to offer a class for residents.

“At my first diamond dot class, I had only two residents. But word spread, and at our next class, we had nine people. It continued to grow!” shared Stella. “Now, several ladies are spending hours working on larger pieces – hence the name the Diamond Dot Divas.”

Although increased COVID restrictions have curtailed group gatherings, the residents continue to work on their diamond dot projects in their apartments. Many of them use special lighting and magnifying devices to help with the tiny details.

Faith Walters is a resident at Trinity Community at Miami Township and one of the Diamond Dot Divas. She says that when COVID struck, she wanted to try a new hobby. She started off with simple designs, as pictured, but has since moved on to very complex and ornate diamond dot designs. “They can be stunning when finished,” Faith enthused.

She says that she finds the activity relaxing and soothing. She likes to have her favorite designs framed to hang on the wall. Faith has also found that you can purchase the diamond dots and glue separately, then use them to decorate other crafts including pumpkins or holiday decorations.

“Now if only we can get some of the guys in the community to give it a try,” said Faith. She and the other Diamond Dot Divas are looking forward to getting their crafting group together again once COVID restrictions ease up in the future.

If you haven’t given diamond dot painting a try yet, Trinity residents say it’s a great idea for something to do during the winter months – and the kits make creative holiday gifts as well.

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