UCH Cares Provides Customized Support Solutions for Residents


As a unique extension of United Church Homes, UCH Cares offers residents home-based support and personal care services so they can continue to live an abundant life on their terms. UCH Cares provides vital services that help residents remain independent and active, whether the need is temporary or as needs evolve and more support is needed.

“This program fills my heart because we can meet with clients and family members to create a flexible service plan based on their individual needs,” shares Shannon Rowland LPN, UCH Cares, Personal Care Services Supervisor at United Church Homes, The Trinity Community at Miami Township. “These customized solutions provide assistance for routine tasks or occasional support to promote peace of mind and independence amongst our residents and their loved ones.”

Shannon Rowland

The assistance provided through UCH Cares covers a wide range of services. “We help residents with tasks big and small – everything from medication reminders, appointment and scheduling assistance and pet care, to meal preparation and delivery, transportation assistance and bathing and grooming,” said Rowland. “Our goal is to meet our residents’ needs as they change so they can live their best life.”

An example of the difference that UCH Cares provides is the support of a resident with diabetes at The Trinity Community at Miami Township. “We provide him medication management, reminders, daily check-ins to evaluate his blood sugar, and make sure that he’s eating his breakfast,” said Rowland. “As a result, he has been managing things well and recently stopped his insulin per his physician’s order.” His sister and guardian found peace of mind knowing that UCH Cares is supporting their loved one. “The resident’s family told us how much they appreciate our helpful and caring personal care team. They mentioned how often the caregiver goes above and beyond and without the program, their brother wouldn’t be able to live independently” Rowland added.

“It’s the simple things that truly matter,” Rowland shared. “I had a client call saying she couldn’t get her clocks changed for daylight savings. We were able to fix all her clocks that same day, and she hugged the caregiver when they left. Giving back to our residents is so rewarding.”

UCH Cares is currently available at these locations:

Want to learn more about UCH Cares and how it can help you? Visit online or call our UCH Cares Program Manager at 833-685-2798.