See Your Good Works

People know good works when they see them—a warm embrace, an inspiring story, an act of kindness, a generous gift. Good works make us both human and humane. Good works also empower us, sometimes unexpectedly, in situations we’re interested in improving. We all want to do good works, to contribute to a noble cause, to make a difference.

That’s why United Church Homes selected “See Your Good Works” as the theme for our 2013 Annual Report, which begins on page 7. As an organization that impacts the lives of tens of thousands across the nation, we often hear about people who truly want to do something good. They’re witnesses to a never-ending list of human needs to be addressed, and they recognize they’re in a position to do something meaningful, to be part of a broader initiative, to do what’s right, to act by principles of their faith. These intentions illustrate why people choose to become engaged with an organization like United Church Homes.

UCH provides healthcare and affordable housing services for individuals who are often overlooked and under-represented—seniors who do not have a strong voice advocating for them in the later years of life. In the day-to-day fulfillment of our mission, we see many opportunities where good works can immediately improve an individual’s quality of life, or help enliven a community’s spirit. And our board members have embraced the role of adding their voices to issues in public policy that will benefit the people we serve.

Our 2013 Annual Report focuses on these good works. Learn about the impact Ruth Parker has in Sandusky, Ohio—the home of Parkvue Community—where her generosity has uplifted the community for decades. Discover the gifts Linda Ellis gives through every day living at Sterling Place in Lakeland, Florida. Marvel at the loving nature of Llavona Jolly, manager of a UCH senior housing community in Orlando, where she’s thus far welcomed 27 foster children into her home. Meet Tina, whose giving heart looked past a situation most would find insurmountable. How inspiring!

These stories exemplify the spirit of United Church Homes, and speak to what we hope to achieve. We are a faith-based ministry focused on supporting the poor and disenfranchised. Our mission involves leveraging the good works of many individuals, providing quality person-centered holistic services in a community setting. Using Christ as a model, we aim to enrich and dignify all the diversity of human existence within our sphere of influence.

It is stories such as these, coupled with the contributions of more than 1,600 donors whose personal philanthropy marks them as friends who support the essential good work we’re doing, that herald a bright future for United Church Homes and our ability to positively impact the lives of seniors. We invite you to see for yourself these good works, and in the process, join with us in some way to give greater glory to God.