Local Healthcare Workers Honored by Alber Center


Media Contact:
Alice Hutzel-Bateson, MA, Communications-Marketing Coordinator

Marion, OH – Fourteen local health care workers received their Elder Care Certificates (ECC) from the Alber Enterprise Center at Ohio State Marion on Wednesday, May 10th, in a recognition ceremony with all the pomp and circumstance of a typical graduation. These dedicated, long-term health care employees participated in a Pilot Program funded through an OSU CARES seed grant. The Alber Enterprise Center directed the program under the leadership of Anne Johnson, MS, Senior Organization Development Consultant, and facilitated by experts in the field.

Through the OSU CARES seed grant, this program has created a pathway for direct care employees (whether culinary, environmental, activities, other) to gain a certificate that recognizes their expertise in working with elders. In this way, the program partners hope to help meet the growing demand for direct care workers in long-term services and supports organizations in Ohio.

During the ceremony, Johnson and the Center’s director, Myra Wilson, MS, SPHR, also recognized and thanked the participating employers: United Church Homes, National Church Residences, Ohio Living, and Ohio Eastern Star Home. Each of these employers provided the opportunities for selected employees to participate in and complete the ECC program. As defined by the participants, the vision of the ECC program is to continue a caring and respectful workforce that will demonstrate integrity and teamwork, with open communication. Connie Rinehammer, participant from Fairhaven (United Church Homes), stated during the ceremony, “I learned so much in this program…about what it means to have a caring presence, for example. And this group (of fellow healthcare workers) is amazing!”

The OSU CARES seed grant program illustrates how engagement is being embedded in colleges across the university. These grants also showcase how Ohio State is sharing expertise broadly across the entire state and deepening relationships with community partners. To learn more, visit https://osucares.osu.edu/home/slides/osu-cares-grants-program

The Ohio State University’s Alber Enterprise Center mission is to enable organizations to build internal strengths and remove obstacles for success through leadership development, continuous improvement and innovative culture. Among the Center’s guiding principles is to serve as a catalyst for change, innovation and progress, positively impacting individuals, organizations, and communities. To learn more about the Alber Enterprise Center, go to alber.osu.edu or call 740-725-6325.

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