Tennessee Housing Manager’s Career Reaches New Heights

Rosie Hughey, a 25-year United Church Homes staff member, is having a sensational year. The manager of Glendale Commons and Fox Hollow Community in Covington, Tennessee, Rosie was named to the Covington-Tipton County Chamber of Commerce in June and won a regional association award in September.

rosie hughey samsha award
Rosie Hughey, Housing Manager, Fox Hollow and Glendale Commons

Rosie was sworn in June 28 as a member of the local chamber of commerce by Covington Mayor Justin Hansen. She is proud to represent her community through this prestigious opportunity. Rosie brings awareness to the greater community about why Fox Hollow, with 39 residents, and Glendale Commons, with 44 residents, are so vital for low-income older adults in the area.

Rosie also plans to use the opportunity to further promote UCH’s mission. “I live our mission and core values on a daily basis,” she said passionately. After being named to the chamber, the Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association recognized Rosie with the 2019 Outstanding Volunteer Award. SAHMA is a membership organization of owners and managers of affordable, multifamily housing in the Southeast and a partner of the National Affordable Housing Management Association. SAHMA and its members, including UCH, champion the preservation of the nation’s stock of affordable housing.

Rosie serves as the Tennessee Trade Show coordinator extraordinaire, organizing vendors for the one-day event during the week-long SAHMA annual meeting and setting up the stage to match the theme each year.

“We thank Rosie for all her efforts to make sure the trade show vendors are welcomed and thanked for their participation,” SAHMA said in a written statement. “She always spearheads a great group of volunteers to help decorate, and truly make, the SAHMA Tennessee Trade Show a spectacular event.”

Rosie has now received three SAHMA awards — Volunteer of the Year twice and Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.

Rosie has been a true servant leader over more than two decades of service at United Church Homes. Fox Hollow Community is nationally recognized by SAHMA as a Community of Quality. It’s a distinguished award that recognizes the
superior services provided to residents.

“I’d like to congratulate Rosie on being selected for the Covington-Tipton County Chamber of Commerce and receiving SAHMA’s volunteer award,” UCH Vice President of Housing Services Cheryl Wickersham said. “We are happy to share her talents with the chamber and know that she will perform her responsibilities with the same enthusiasm and commitment she has given Fox Hollow and Glendale Commons for the past 25 years.”