UCH Board Welcomes New Member

J.B. Boothe Joins UCH Board

For J.B. Boothe, volunteering for the United Church Homes Board of Directors felt predestined.

J.B. Booth Board Member
J.B. Boothe

J.B.’s experience complements the 17-member UCH Board. Board member Karl Ulrich introduced J.B. to UCH after they met at Nexus United Church of Christ.

“I have worked with older adults most of my career,” J.B. said. “I’m familiar with the financial and age-related challenges they face.”

Her first Board meeting was the annual retreat. “I absolutely loved the culture. I felt like it was the culture that I wished I had been part of my entire career,” she said. “I believe so strongly in helping those in need, as well as the all-inclusive nature of the organization to serve all, regardless of their walk of life. It’s just an open and accepting culture.”

J.B. believes she was meant to serve on the Board.

“I don’t believe in coincidences. Things happen the way they’re supposed to,” she said. “Right about the time Karl had contacted me about the Board, I had been thinking that I was in a position to give back. As CEO of a nonprofit, I work with a board, so I know how vital it is for organizations to have a solid board and a great team.”

J.B. earned her bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy with a minor in psychology from Eastern Kentucky University. She also holds an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. J.B. and her wife, Lyn, have a 16-year-old son and live in West Chester, Ohio.

About four years ago, J.B. began serving as CEO of the Hearing Speech & Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati. This nonprofit provides Deaf advocacy, American Sign Language interpretation, job development and programming for the D/deaf and hard of hearing. It also offers speech-language pathology and audiology services for children and adults and occupational therapy services for children. (Deaf with a lowercase “d” refers to the condition of partially or complete lacking in the sense of hearing to the extent that one cannot understand speech for everyday communication purposes. Deaf with a capital “D” refers to embracing the culture norms, beliefs and values of the Deaf community.)