Bringing Art Out in People

Allan Norris, artist, teacher and Glenwood Community resident.

A lifetime of creativity and a little encouragement from family and friends sparked the teacher within Allan Norris and the idea for a painting class that has inspired many residents at The Glenwood Community.

“Painting with Allan” began in 2017 after staff members at the community encouraged Allan to give it a try. Today, Allan estimates more than forty students have regularly attended his classes.

Allan prepares the art supplies and materials for his students.
Allan’s Art Show’s at The Glenwood Community

“To bring art out in people who never really thought they could” was the driving spark in his desire to teach his peers. He noted a few of his students who never held a paint brush are now painting independently in their apartments and doing very well. “It’s never too late to try something new,” said Allan.

The possibilities are endless for his classes. Allan envisions classes on pottery, experimenting with different kinds of paints or sculpture. He attributes the success of his classes—which regularly draws fifteen or more people, to the support of The Glenwood Community. He’s grateful for the space, time and supplies he is given.

Residents, visitors and employees vote for their favorite submission to Allan’s Art Show. The winner is award the People’s Choice Award.
Resident-students paint by watercolor from an example Allan provides.

Allan is currently teaching three classes a month and holding annual art shows at the independent and assisted living community in Marietta, Ohio.

To learn more about Allan’s classes watch this video as he discusses his passion for art that stems from childhood and inspires him today to teach his peers.

Allan offers his students one-on-one teaching and instruction.