Eversound Pilot Finds Success at Trinity


Eversound is a group-oriented headphone solution that enables residents at any level of care to be more engaged in life enrichment programming and their communities. Eversound’s mission is to end social isolation among older adults.

The technology helps seniors overcome the effects of hearing loss, according to research studies by LCB Senior Living and Commonwealth Senior Living.

Although Eversound supports roughly 375 communities and 50,000 residents nationwide, UCH is the first senior living and multisite organization in Ohio to adopt the innovative technology.

“Our technology makes things simple for older adults and group-based activities in all levels of care,” said Alex Wilson, director of Resident Impact at Eversound. “The headphones are easy to turn on and adjust to the desired volume, plus they go right over hearing aids for clear engagement for every resident. Once they are set up, every individual wearing headphones will be able to more effectively engage in the activity, whether it’s bingo night, a trip to a museum or a conversation with their fellow residents or loved ones. All sound comes through crystal clear and each resident controls their own volume, so it’s set to their liking.”

Already United Church Homes is seeing an impact on residents.

Eversound Ron and Matt

“My son has tried everything he could try — ordered all kinds of hearing aids for me,” said one resident, Vivian, while wearing the Eversound headphones. “My mood has been up and down because I have trouble hearing people, but these headphones have helped build my confidence and lift my spirits.”

Eversound headphones are made with anti-microbial plastics to avoid disease transfer between residents and feature replaceable earpads. The headphones are also fully wireless — even when charging. Residents can hear from any location within 200-300 feet of the transmitter — a small box which enables residents to hear audio like a speaker’s voice, music from an iPod or their favorite television program.

Eversound technology is specifically designed to fit over hearing aids, which pick up extraneous sounds, and the headphones can be used with or without hearing aids.

In addition, Eversound can be used for extended periods, as both the headphones and transmitter last for five hours on a single charge. The headphones charge within a carrying case, so residents and group leaders need not worry about cords or chargers. They can connect to any audio source to enhance every activity, whether it is a resident council meeting or a movie night. Eversound also comes with a clip-on microphone, which enables the speaker to easily broadcast audio of their voice to the entire audience. The headphones are lightweight for total comfort during long listening sessions.

UCH Director of Hospitality Amy Kotterman headed up the pilot project at Trinity after learning about Eversound at a LeadingAge national conference in New Orleans last October. “These headphones have completely exceeded my expectations and brought so much joy to the residents,” Amy said. “After the successful pilot at Trinity, we’ve decided to roll out this technology at all UCH communities.”

Trinity Activities Assistant Ron Wilson trained other staff members on how to use the headphones. About a dozen residents have tried the system. “When they wear it, sometimes they can be skeptical at first,” Ron said. “They don’t want to use the technology or they’re not used to the headphones. But when they try it, they find out they really don’t have to do anything and their hearing is improved. Some of them were astounded that they could actually hear and immediately begin carrying on a conversation with people. Others were just laughing and happy.”

With the help of Eversound technology, UCH residents will soon have a clear world right at their fingertips.