Technology Helps Residents Live It! With Purpose

Older adults embrace technology
Older adults enjoying technology at The Glenwood Community.

United Church Homes (UCH) constantly looks for ways to better serve its residents. Technology offers many opportunities to help residents achieve the three pillars of the LIVE IT! program: Live with Purpose; Social Connections; and Safe and Sound. There’s exciting news to share about various technology initiatives at UCH communities. Among them is the addition of a large iN2L – It’s Never Too Late – unit for group activities at The Harmar Place Community.

The Harmar Place Community residents participate in a group activity with iN2L technology.
The Harmar Place Community residents participate in a group activity with iN2L technology.

UCH has utilized iN2L tablets to engage residents individually and one-on-one with staff at various communities since 2013. The iN2L touch screen tablets are user friendly and allow residents to stay connected with family and friends through video chats and sharing of photos. At the height of the pandemic when face- to-face visits weren’t possible, some residents and their family members connected virtually to enjoy meals together. It’s Never Too Late allows residents to participate virtually in family gatherings, including events like a gender reveal baby shower.

“Contact with family members is a highlight of the week for many of our residents,” said The Harmar Place Community Activity Director Rachel Jones. “It’s Never Too Late is ideal for family members who can’t visit in person regularly.”

The addition of an iN2L unit with a 55” screen has been ideal for engaging groups of residents in fun activities. It’s the ultimate entertainment center, allowing residents to enjoy music of all genres, TV shows and commercials from the past, trivia games, memory building activities and more.

“It’s a great conversation starter,” Jones explained. “A group of residents was recently making dog treats for the local human society. We played videos of dogs on the new iN2L unit, prompting residents to share fond memories of their beloved family pets.”  

Twice a week staff provide residents with opportunities to use iN2L tablets during room-to-room visits while the main unit is used throughout the week. iN2L was such a valuable tool in 2020 when family and friends were unable to visit their loved ones in person and it continues to improve quality of life for residents.

Thanking Our iN2L Funders