Another Day Older Conversation Host Guide 2.0

Today is the youngest you will ever be. And on this day, you are older than you were yesterday.

Designed for virtual or in-person group discussion, this free guide sparks conversations about ageism and challenges individuals to reframe their attitudes toward aging including their internal biases and prejudices against others, rooted in society’s negative perception of aging. Why does this matter?

How we think about aging affects how we experience it. In fact, research from Yale professor Dr. Rebecca Levy found thinking positively about getting older can extend one’s life by seven-and-one-half years.

Another Day Older, written by Rev. Beth Long-Higgins, contains four conversations and includes videos, discussion questions, breakout group activities and optional Through A Lens of Faith materials.

In these conversations we raise awareness of the ageism in the culture around us by looking at The Words We Use. We will consider how The Assumptions We Make based on our internal biases about aging affect how we relate to those older or younger than ourselves. We will explore The Examples We Seek through abundant aging influencers—those who age ahead of us demonstrating how we can flourish through all of life. And we will consider The Change We Desire, exploring ways we can interrupt ageist narratives around us.

The optional Through A Lens of Faith components compliment each of the four conversations adding a biblical text and spiritual dimension.

Conversation Objectives

  • Consider the language of ageism and alternative ways to think and talk about aging in order to live more abundantly.
  • Provide resources to support changing our conversations about aging.
  • Embrace the aging process as a time of wisdom sharing, learning, wholeness, and connection to the world.
  • Create community among participants

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