We'll Get the Conversation Started

We all age, but we often only think about aging as something that happens to older adults. Let us help you and your group start talking and thinking about aging in new ways and explore issues central to the lives of older adults.

Presentations and Workshops

We offer presentations and workshops on many topics related to aging and older adults that can be geared for both faith-based and secular groups. Here are some of our current presentation and workshop topics:

  • Opportunities for Living Well in Later Life shares best practices and evidence-based advice for living and aging well.
  • New Perspectives on Aging provides an overview to the issue of ageism and the church and encourages conversations about how Baby Boomers are helping us change our perceptions of aging.
  • Spirituality and Aging explores aging through the lens of spirituality and our culture’s views of what happens when we live for many years.
  • It Takes a Village is designed for congregations to begin to consider how they engage in ministry with older adults.
  • Age-Friendly Congregations inspires thinking and conversation about how congregations can better serve their older members and their changing needs.
  • United Church Homes: An Overview provides the perspective of the history of our century old mission to the current context in which we provide services today.

In addition to these topics, we also enjoy partnering with groups to design and co-create programs. Contact us to learn more about our presentations and workshops.

Annual Symposium and Conferences

Annual Symposium: Our yearly symposium brings together nationally recognized speakers, experts on aging and an interdisciplinary audience of older adults, students, professionals and community members. Visit our 2020 Symposium page to learn more.

Wisdom Conversations: This yearly retreat for those in ministry addresses an issue central to serving the older adult population. Contact us for more information.

Online and Virtual Resources

Abundant Aging Blog: Read and reflect on aging through the lens of spirituality and current events. Find inspiration for your day and engage in thought-provoking questions that can help you live an abundant life.

The Art of Aging Podcast: This podcast offers ideas, information and inspiration on how to improve our lives as we grow older. It’s sponsored by the Parker Center and produced by Eric Johnson, a fellow with The Dayton Foundation Encore Fellows Initiative, which provides fellowship opportunities for older adults. Learn more and listen to the podcast.

Worship and Reflection Resources: Find litanies, prayers and additional resources for congregations. Learn more here.

Age-Friendly Congregations (2017): Discover a recent book that encourages churches to rethink the way they attract, retain and minister to older members of their congregations. Learn more about Age-Friendly Congregations here.

Recommended Partner Resources

Explore these great resources on aging from some of our partner organizations:

  • Old School: A clearinghouse of free and carefully vetted resources to educate people about ageism and help dismantle it.
  • LeadingAge: A national nonprofit that represents more than 5,000 aging-focused organizations, LeadingAge has COVID-19 resources and general resources to serve older adults.
  • LeadingAge Ohio: The Ohio chapter of the national organization, LeadingAge Ohio provides resources for families, COVID-19 information and advocacy
  • Ohio Department of Aging: The Department of Aging administers programs and services to meet the needs of older Ohioans.