Homemade Masks for United Church Homes Communities

As the nation prepares for a surge in COVID-19 cases, more people are dusting off their sewing machines and making masks to support healthcare workers on the front line. For months, public health officials have said healthy people should not wear masks to protect themselves from coronavirus. However, experts are now reversing earlier decisions. Many are now agreeing that masks may help to prevent the spread of infection, especially when used on those who are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19. sewing cloth masks

Commercially made masks are difficult, if not impossible, to find in stores. While healthcare workers must use commercially made masks, older adults and others can use homemade masks. Studies of mask use to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses show a simple mask can lower the risk of infection.

PPE and Homemade Masks

If you have unopened medical supplies, including N95 masks or standard surgical masks, United Church Homes welcomes donations to all our skilled nursing communities.

If you’d like to make cloth masks to help protect UCH residents and staff, download a pattern and instructions for our preferred homemade mask.

Find out other ways you can help here.

Please call the UCH community closest to you to set up arrangements for getting your donation to our residents and staff. Thank you in advance for your generosity!