Board reaffirms commitment to diversity, equity and justice

United Church Homes and its Board of Directors are committed to advancing diversity, equity, and justice in the lives of those we employ, those we serve and in society at large. That commitment has been woven into the fabric of our mission and culture, and is reflected in our core values as we work to ensure all older adults can live in community with dignity and respect, no matter who they are.

In 2012, the UCH Board of Directors voted unanimously to become an Open and Affirming organization—the first member of the UCC Council for Health and Human Service Ministries to take this groundbreaking step. During the past decade, UCH has advanced our work in being welcoming to all through outreach, staff cultural competency training, and by partnering with other organizations to bring awareness to the specific concerns of LGBT older adults.

In 2020, the Board was already working to strengthen the commitment to diversity, equity and justice when a growing social movement took root in the U.S.

The discussions were framed against the backdrop of a larger social call for action, and a belief that UCH could do more to support diversity, build equity and seek justice in the context of our ministry in the world.

The resulting commitment is comprehensive and grounded in the belief that we are called by God to extend abundant love to all neighbors and influence others to do the same.

Our work will be formative, ongoing and cover all aspects of our organization. We invite you to be part of our journey.

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